Gutter Glove Review 2

Hal Hicks
I’ve had Gutterglove 5 years now and it’s going to be durable and last a long time. I will never have to get on my roof again to clean my gutters! I recommend Gutterglove because there is no reason to have to get up on the roof to worry about whether your gutters are getting clogged or not.

Gutter Glove Review

Leonard Taylor – Retired QCR for NASA
I’ve been involved in the NASA Apollo Program for about 10 or 11 years from 1959 through the summer of 1971. I was a quality control representative for NASA. And I had the primary responsibility to oversee the development, and the manufacturing, the assembly, and the testing, of the lunar excursion modular descent engine. And I put my stamp of approval on it that it meets all of NASA’s requirements, for a reliable engine.
The Apollo Achievement Award, NASA presented that award to me because they expected me to assure that the quality and realiability of that engine was acceptable to NASA.
Question:  And how was your experience with NASA to lead you to believe that Gutterglove is a quality gutter guard?
Answer:  The way Gutterglove is constructed. It’s got an anodized aluminum support with a stainless steel mesh and the way it’s attached to the gutter, from the roof to the gutter, it covers the gutter opening, and therefore it doesn’t allow any debris to enter the gutter, strictly only water can get into the gutter and down the drain. Based on all my findings, I found that the Gutterglove is the best one that is designed and allowed just the water to flow into the gutter. And I’m really happy with it. I have it about 5 years now, this is the 5th season right now, and it’s still clean, so I don’t have to worry about getting up there and cleaning the gutter out anymore. I’m really happy.


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