Gutter Glove Review 7

James Licht
Well, I’m pretty cynical and critical, this is so far the best I’ve seen. Truly. Now I’m not being prompted to say that, but that’s true. I’ve done my research, and so far this is the best.

Gutter Glove Review 6

Hap Abbot
Well, Gutterglove solved the problem for me. We have a home in Canada where we are trying to collect rainwater. We tried well water and it wasn’t safe to drink so we had to go to rainwater collection. As a first stage water filter, there was no other product on the market that worked. We looked at them all and it was a competitor of Gutterglove that told me that I should use Gutterglove. If you’ve ever drinking well water, often you know that it has a very minerally taste or a sulfery taste and it’s pretty unpleasant. And then other city waters are treated, but when you get rainwater that’s been purified by a first stage water filter like Gutterglove it’s wonderful.
In fact, this last summer we had my other family, my sisters family was up visiting us and they would not drink the water out of their tap, they came over and they were filling off our tanks, the drinking water, because it tasted so well. We were pooring the water in, and calling it 2006, and we were putting it in wine glasses and saying this is very good year!
So, I recommend Gutterglove, the water tastes delicicous. I tell people when they are drinking water at my house, yes I have these other filters, but it’s really do simply because the first stage water filter provided by Gutterglove works so incredibly well for us.
This past December we had 125mph winds rip through Vancouver Island and hit our island on Denman Island. We had about 40 trees down around our property. One of my tanks got destroyed, I have dents on the roof and my house got pelted by large branches about the size of my arm. All over was debris, we actually had to use chainsaws to get in the front door. But the amazing thing was, that none of the Gutterglove was at all affected by it. It just kept going on sucking up the rain as we needed it. So it’s a really strong product.

Gutter Glove Review 4

Karen Goodrich
I would highly recommend Gutterglove to my friends, my neighbors, my family, my kids, it’s an awesome product, just awesome. It’s the best thing we’ve put on our house since we built it. Gutterglove, what an awesome product, just totally love it, my husband is really thrilled with it. It keeps the leaves out, the water goes down the gutter, we don’t have Niagra Falls anymore. It’s wonderful. My husband was really impressed with the price, the product, and actually the salesmanship of the gentleman that was there.

Gutter Glove Review 5

Tim Reed
Well the first time I saw this product [Gutterglove] was about 3 or 4 months ago at the same show and I was doing research on this type of system [mesh filter type gutter guard systems]. I just thought it was the best quality product I’ve seen and I also like the cosmetics features of it, you really don’t see it on your roof line. So I thought it was the product I wanted to go with, I went with it. I am very pleased. In fact, I’m here today [at a home and garden show], to recommend it to my parents and get more literature for my parents. It just looks like the pure science of design and materials that intrigued me the most about this product. I’m very happy with this product.

Gutter Glove Review 3

Pat Smith
I thought it was awesome. The fact that you can’t see it from the street. And it fits on the existing gutter that we have, we don’t have to replace our gutter. I was very impressed with the fact that it doesn’t show from the street. It’s so streamline looking. I think it’s worth its weight in gold! I thought it was awesome.


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